We give NEW LIFE to advertising. Unique, captivating and undeniably ‘different’. Your message from beginning to end of every toilet roll and in front of your chosen audience. Having a new product launch, this is an ideal option and SHIT, HOPEFULLY SOMEONE STEALS A ROLL. This is the only time you want someone to steal from you, why the hell not, your message will get around. Advertising just got one hell of a lot more interesting. Try it out on some branded toilet paper.  ENQUIRE ABOUT CUSTOM TOILET PAPER

Print on toilet paperMOQ 50x Rolls

3 Ply Toilet Paper unscented

200 sheets/roll

Each Roll is wrapped in a clear plastic membrane

BUY Black & Coloured TOILET PAPER

Link to Renova Australia to view all the coloured toilet paper you could ever wish for INCLUDING iconic Black, well known and loved by all on The Block TV Series.

Break All The Rules and Add Variety To Your Bathroom

Save your bathroom from being dull. Upgrade to colored toilet paper.

A simple solution to making a statement in your home. We love sexy toilet paper, you should too. Coloured toilet paper rolls you from ordinary to extra-ordinary with its range of colours. Toilet tissue to match every season.

buy Renova toilet paper

  • 3 Ply Luxury Toilet Paper
  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Safe to use for its intended purpose (no bleed)
  • Tested under dermatological conditions
  • Lightly scented
  • Not suitable for septic tanks
  • Not suitable for use on textiles

Bridal Toilet Paper

Every colour you can think of Renova Australia has it for you. Take advantage of the luxury offered to you and fill your bathroom with a different colour for every season. The toilet tissue is 3ply, biodegradable and recyclable, tested under dermatological conditions, lightly scented, and safe to use for its intended purpose. Mix and match toilet rolls and get the perfect decor for your loo.  Read FAQ about Renova Toilet Paper

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